Why Union?

As a member of SMWIA, you are represented on the job by your Local Union. The members of the Local Union's Executive are charged with a variety of responsibilities from coordinating training activities, organizing, appointing stewards, to financial management of union dues and more. Business Managers and other members of the Executive are elected by the eligible members of the local.

Local 409 represents and protects you on the job by:

  • Negotiating fair and equitable collective bargaining agreements on behalf of its members;
  • Enforcing your rights under the collective agreements;
  • Assisting members in finding employment through a hiring hall which acts as a referral service;
  • Enforcing legal rights such as those established under the federal Canadian Labour Code and provincial standards;
  • Promoting worksite safety as established by the Nova Scotia Department of Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Protecting against discrimination in employment by enforcing your contract and legal rights under the law; and
  • Providing apprenticeship and other training programs that provide members with the opportunities to develop and improve their skills.

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